Is that a snake on my bed?

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WTF! There’s a snake on my bed! Oh, it was already dead.

What happened? I woke up this morning feeling a bit under the weather. So, I just stayed in my bed. Just laying there like a dead log before my grandma called me to have breakfast. I grumbled a little but I got up anyway. I said a little prayer of thanks before I trudged my way to the bathroom to wash my face and do my business.

When I went back to my bed to get my phone, imagine my surprise when I saw this little snake in the middle of my bed. I am not afraid of snakes but I am wary of them especially if I don’t know if it’s poisonous or not. I handled snakes before. Just a month ago, I was cleaning my room when I stumbled upon a snake near my desk. Don’t you dare laugh when I told you that I used a wooden spoon to get the snake and put it in a Tupperware. I mean, that’s the first thing I got since I keep those in a cabinet near it. My cousins who came to see what I was doing saw the snake and immediately get a sack and I transferred it.  I mean, we live in a place where snakes are pretty plentiful. My grandma and I are staying at our farm house. She favors this house than our house near the city. Ever since she suffered from stroke, she likes to be in a place where there is peace and quiet. Unlike the hustle and bustle of the highway near our other house. Snakes, though, sometime make an appearance in the most unlikely places. Once, I was in the bathroom to get my dirty laundry when I got the urge to pee. I just sat in the toilet to do it when this snake just crawled on my feet. I was shocked but didn’t move. I just let it pass. It was fairly huge and really, really bright green. It was beautiful.

Anyway, back on the story, I saw this little snake and I found out that it was already dead. I think one of my cats did the crime. The end part of the tail and part near the head suffered from bite and claw marks. I think my cat, Quito, played with it until it died. I just had no idea how it ended in my bed. I don’t know if he brought it there when I went to the bathroom or I slept with a dead snake beside me.

Okay, shuddering at that thought…

I just picked it up and I threw it near the trees to become fertilizer for the plants.

Then, I suddenly had a thought. Life is really short. They said that we should live everyday as if each day is our last. We don’t really know when we will die. We don’t have any control as to what will happen in the future. Like the snake, it may be just happily looking for something to eat before my cat pounced on it, ending its existence. We should really be thankful for each day that we are still breathing. Still able to say we love our family, friends and hell, even our pets. We should really be thankful to spend those moments with that special someone. Oh wait, I don’t have a special someone. Well, he is special to me. But, I am just a long forgotten friend for him.

So, I just took a deep breath and whispered to the wind:

“Hey you, over there, remember that I’ve always love you.”


Maiden Voyage to the Marvelous World of Blogging

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I guess I have to say hello to everyone who stumbled upon my humble burrow.

I have no idea yet as to what I am going to write. I’ll share everything, I guess. I am not really a girl of wisdom or experience. I just take life as it is.

Let’s start.
Just call me Lady Nefarious. I am not exactly wicked but I can be mean when I really want to. I am still young but of legal age. I can smoke, drink and party all night if I wanted to but I don’t. I have a fairly boring life. I love reading books. I think my love for books started when I was a wee bit younger. I also love movies. I figured you can tell that I am an escapist. I love to go anywhere but here. Even if it is just for a while. I often daydream about things that my heart longs for.

You see, I am nursing a broken heart. Nope, no one broke my heart. It just got broken. I am in love with someone that i know will never love me back. I chose not to tell the truth. Yeah, I am a big coward. I am that afraid of rejection that I’d rather hide my true feelings than shout it out for the world to see. If I was born pretty with a model’s body, then maybe. Just maybe. But, then again, I love myself just the way I am. I was born this way. Yeah! Ha! Ha! I ought to be singing by now.

UGH! Unrequited love is a conniving bitch.

Oh, well. That’s it for now. I hope to be able to write more.

Smell ya’ later!


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Greetings from Planet Earth!

Okay! I am bouncing happy today!

I don’t know why!

I think I am on something!

Ooh! Butterfly!

Now, I am weirding me out…

*composing self*

I wish my muse would let me write something productive today. I really want to write some fictions but I only got through them halfway before my mind goes blank. Ugh! It’s really making me frustrated enough to rake my hands on my head and pull my hair.

Anyway, on the other side of the fence, I think the weather here is too effing hot! I swear I can feel my skin melting off. It’s enough to cause heat stroke and heat-induced madness!

I seriously need ice cream!

Later! I am going on a hunt for any chocolate/coffee madness with cream on a tub.